Five Tips to Dress to Impress on a Budget

Girl FashionSome people say that a person’s clothing can tell so much about his or her personality; that is why, it is best that one has to dress wisely, especially if he works in the corporate world. But no matter where you are, it is always best to pick dress that would truly impress people. And by impress, we mean that you want people to have a good personal, professional, and intellectual impression on you. But what if you are on a budget? Can you still dress to impress? Of course, you can! Here are five tips to help you do so. Continue reading

Eye-Catching Style for St. Paddy’s Day

What is all the hype for St. Paddy’s day about? From, what I know the ceremony is symbolic of a feast day or the arrival of Christianity into Edinburgh, but tends to turn into the remake of a movie similar to ‘The Hangover’. Anyway, whilst we may not be in a position to judge how others celebrate this fun day of frolics, what is important about the day is to dress to impress. The day tends to be associated with the color green, which may somewhat limit the amount one is able to do with an outfit. However, after having observed eclectic styles from Henry Holland and Kristina Ti during fashion week, we have some creative ideas in mind.

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Creating a Fun and Flirty Outfit for St. Paddy’s Day

Green Clubwear

Some holidays are perfect for dressing up, and we don’t mean donning your favorite Christmas sweater with the reindeer and gold glitter. Days like Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day offer the perfect opportunity for some light-hearted fun and games. They make an ideal venue for celebration, without being centered on stuffy tradition or obligations with people you may not love spending time with. Continue reading