Eye-Catching Style for St. Paddy’s Day

What is all the hype for St. Paddy’s day about? From, what I know the ceremony is symbolic of a feast day or the arrival of Christianity into Edinburgh, but tends to turn into the remake of a movie similar to ‘The Hangover’. Anyway, whilst we may not be in a position to judge how others celebrate this fun day of frolics, what is important about the day is to dress to impress. The day tends to be associated with the color green, which may somewhat limit the amount one is able to do with an outfit. However, after having observed eclectic styles from Henry Holland and Kristina Ti during fashion week, we have some creative ideas in mind.

kristina_ti_aw13_0117For a bohemian charm, get a brightly-coloured top and pair it up with a green jacket alongside a pair of trousers and skirt depending on the type of occasion you are planing to attend on the day. Bearing that in mind, the following outfit may be more appropriate to wear at a bar or pub fest. Make sure to get a matching pair of green tights or knee highs to fully immerse yourself in the occasion. If you intend to spend the day in a slightly more formal setting try, it would be better to maintain a conservative look, like the crocodile-green leather lace top by Kristina Ti. However, it may be better to wear the emerald-coloured tights with a dress or skirt rather than hot pants to avoid giving granddad a fright.

0-1723--BasicTP-num-2-size-421x572The Mary and Charnos Almost Opaque 40 Tights are superb as they match the exact shade of green that is flaunted by many on St. Paddy’s Day. Put these together with a green, flowing dress and black jacket to look classy yet blend in with the St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. If you wish to stand out in the mesh of dark green, try a neon green pair of Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights. These will enable you to avoid getting washed over in a tidal wave that is prepared to paint the streets green on the day.