Five Tips to Dress to Impress on a Budget

Girl FashionSome people say that a person’s clothing can tell so much about his or her personality; that is why, it is best that one has to dress wisely, especially if he works in the corporate world. But no matter where you are, it is always best to pick dress that would truly impress people. And by impress, we mean that you want people to have a good personal, professional, and intellectual impression on you. But what if you are on a budget? Can you still dress to impress? Of course, you can! Here are five tips to help you do so.

1. Return to Formality Dressing :
Formal and corporate outfits look more expensive, but they are actually not, as long as you do not get the high-end brands. Aside from being affordable and virtually “recyclable” without any stigma attached, they can give you the professional and respected look that you deserve. You might want to try this out and see how respected you’ll be!

2. Invest Wisely :
When choosing to buy clothes, make sure that you put your money in a good investment. Consider the clothes durability and the design’s timelessness. Choose the materials that can last a very long time paired with a design that can also be worn no matter that the world’s fashion trend will be. Investing on trend-specific clothing will only make you spend money on clothing that will no longer be “in” in just a few years.

3. Choose Wisely :
When choosing the right set of apparel for you, choose those can easily go with other parts of a different set. Keep these factors in mind: color, cut, texture, and pattern. Solid, neutral colors (like black, white, gray, navy) are always best because you can use them to pair with almost anything. For the cut, make sure that is not set-specific, that means, it can be paired with almost any other set (like if it’s a top, it can be paired with jeans, slacks, or shorts/skirt). Texture and pattern are pretty much linked to one another. There are certain textures and/or patterns that do not look good when paired with certain type of clothing—thus, it is always wise to stick with versatile texture and patterns.

4. Needs First :
When shopping, get only the clothes you need, not the ones you want. Consider the budget that you have and the need for your dressing up. If a simple shirt would do, why go for a designer brand that costs twice as much? However, when choosing affordable brands, also make sure that they are durable enough to last long, so you do not have to spend again in the instance that they “retire.”

5. Mix and Match :
You do not have to buy new pieces of clothing every time you need to dress to impress, but it is also not wise to keep repeating the same set of apparel over and over. You can mix and match what you have to come up with a new-looking set. Make sure that the colors are complementary, and their cuts do not go against one another. Make sure that the patterns are also balanced: do not wear plaid shirts with patterned bottoms.

Dressing wisely is not really difficult. A good decision-making when buying clothes paired with innate fashion creativity can save anyone from overspending on clothes, yet still look smart, classy, professional, and respectable. So, pick clothes smartly and wisely and you’ll never have to look and feel awkward in public.