Secondhand Furnishing And Furniture: 3 Shopping Tips You Need To Know

furniture saleGarage sale in a neighborhood are always anticipated events during the weekend where everyone can shop for amazing bargains. Considering today’s economy it only makes sense that you shop for such bargains without hurting your budget. However, while you find unimaginable bargains, you might end up with a bonus of little blood sucking critters too. Bed bugs have been well known to infest second hand items, so there is a possibility that the barely used pretty bed side table you have been eying all morning is actually hoarding a bed bugs infestation. So what shall you do? Well do not let those bed bugs stop you from shopping bargains, because there are still ways for you to stay safe from them.

1. A Little Common Sense Is Helpful

Bed bugs can be tough to spot and eradicate once they have already been introduced into your home, so identifying bed bugs infested furniture before you actually haul them home is very important. Since they can hide in seams and in narrow cracks and crevices, shopping for furniture or picking up furniture from untidy and unreliable places is not wise. There are those who have a habit of bringing home furniture pieces they saw being thrown out and felt that they were still useable, only to end up with a nasty infestation after a day or two.

2. Shop For Hard Items With Uncomplicated Designs

If you have an interest for furnishings, you will find that staying away from garage sales and second hand furnishings impossible. If so, all you need to do is be wise in selecting the furnishings you want to purchase. Hard surfaced items such as plastic and solid wood are better choices than pressed wood, leather, cardboard and fabrics which can help hide bed bugs. When you opt for hard items with a few or no seams and crevices, the chances of bringing home bed bugs are reduced or even eliminated. Nevertheless, always make it a point to inspect and clean them thoroughly prior to bringing them into your living spaces.

3. Learn To Inspect Before Buying

Do not forget that though bed bugs are small, they are still visible. All you need to know are the signs they leave behind to help you detect their presence. So when you plan on purchasing furniture or furnishings from a garage sale, look for these tell tale signs when you inspect before purchasing.

  • Check the items for live bed bugs or their molted skins which can often be found on the undersides and the backs of shelves, tables and headboards.
  • Small black spots on hard and soft surfaces are a usual telltale sign, but other items made from fabric may also have red to brown streaks or smears.
  • Bed bugs can also hide under loose paint, so take a peek behind soft, uneven or peeling painted surfaces as well as behind wallpapers. They can be found behind paper backing or framed prints too.
  • Joints, crevices, seams, cracks, creases and voids are likely hiding places, as well as nail holes, screw holes and small vents. Make it a point to inspect these places in the furniture and furnishings you wish to buy.

Bed bugs must never be underestimated because they are excellent hiders due to their size. However, you can always avoid an infestation when you shop around at garage sales, by simply being observant. If you do manage to get yourself a bed bugs infestation problem, then hire the services of a pest control professional immediately to prevent an outbreak.

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