3 Must-buy Winter Accessories

winter-accessoriesCome winter and the season change catches many people off guard, especially those who have as yet not gotten around to airing their warm clothes. If you are one such person who suddenly finds herself left out in the cold, literally, then here are three must-buy winter accessories this season that promise to keep you cozy on those cold winter mornings, while you get around to finding some time to unpack your winter wardrobe.

Scarves and Mufflers :

This will probably remind you a little of your mother, but it is a fact that in winter you simply need to keep your upper chest area warm and wrapped up, as that is exactly where the chill sets in first and the most easily. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in some great quality soft and warm mufflers and scarves that you can tie in various styles around your neck.

If you are considering buying scarves, then it is a good idea to go in for something in silk, but if it’s mufflers you are after, go in for those made of fleece or angora wool. Also, buy your scarves and mufflers either in deep, dark neutral colors or in bright, colorful shades if you are into color blocking.

Gloves and Mitts :

The next item on your winter shopping list should include a pair of warm and fashionable gloves. This season, leather and fur gloves are passé. What is ‘in’ is a wide range of cool, light-shaded bow tie woolen gloves. These gloves only come in pastel or light shades and feature a big attractive bow on them, perfect to be worn to both causal and formal occasions.

Also big in this season is animal print, especially the tiger-print mittens. Made of fake fur, these mittens are sturdy, stylish, and perfect for traveling. Aside from these, rainbow-colored mittens and zipped hand warmers that cover three fourths of the arm are also fast gaining popularity. Depending on your personal likes and favorite color, pick any one and prevent your fingers from falling off with gangrene in the chilly winter ahead.

Woolen Leggings :

If you are one of those hard-working people who have to brace the morning chill to make it to office on time, then a pair of woolen leggings might prove to be your best friend. Invest in a great pair of tan, brown, skin color, or black woolen leggings, as you can then mix and match them with most cardigans, skirts, and war tunics. Such leggings can also be worn under your jeans or pants when at work, to give you extra warmth.

This season, leather and wool-jersey leggings in attractive bright solid colors are in style, and so are patterned and animal-print leggings. If you are confident of your choice and can carry them off, then use these numerous leggings as long socks and mix and match them accordingly and stylishly to get your own unique look this winter.