All Inclusive Holiday Deals Within Your Budget

Family offers you wonderful Holiday Deals that fits easily in your limited budget. One of the best ways to save money on traveling is to choose an all-inclusive holiday. Instead of worrying about sticking to a tight budget, you get your meals taken care of (which means much less hassle than self-catering!) and you can eat as much as you want. For families with hungry kids or those of you in large groups, this can be the ideal solution to your travel worries. Make sure you book in advance with Travel Coupons to avail instant discounts on your booking and secure yourself out of last minute rush.

A very popular destination for this type of getaway is the south of Portugal, which enjoys balmy sunshine and a Mediterranean climate. Choosing all-inclusive packages also means that you cut out the high cost of food and drink, which can often sting tourists. Instead you’ll be greeted with plenty of choice and a regular supply of local and international dishes to try. This is particularly tempting when you consider the Algarve’s great reputation for food – after all, it is home to delicious Piri-Piri chicken, bacalhau (salted cod) and sumptuous soups. For dessert you can expect traditional cakes such as tarta de amêndoa (almond tart) and pasteis de nata (creamy pastries). All this is washed down with a variety of drinks, from freshly squeezed fruit juices to the potent alcoholic Aguardente, a fiery substance that is only for the bravest of drinkers. Of course, as well as all of that, it would be rude not to enjoy some Portuguese coffee on your visit, as the country is known for its love of the drink. There are countless versions to sample, from strong espresso down to a very light beverage that is typically drunk by children and the elderly, and you should make sure you get to try at least one.

Here are three more reasons to book a hotel with all food and drink included:

  • Fussy eaters are kept happy, with plenty to choose from. You’ll often be able to serve yourself from a buffet and have as much or as little as you want, making your money go further
  • You don’t need to carry as much travel money around, as you’ll only need cash for day trips, attractions and souvenirs
  • If you’re traveling with children or the elderly then it can be hard to find restaurants with easy access that are close to the hotel and will suit everyone’s needs. If you’re eating in the resort then everything is close by, including somewhere for the children’s afternoon naps.

If you want to be smart with your money and not return home to an unwelcome stack of bills, all-inclusive is the obvious choice. Take the stress out of holiday planning and give yourself a well-deserved rest as you enjoy the Lisbon in the sunshine. Top suggestions for all-inclusive Algarve holidays include the Yellow Alvor Garden, which is set in the beautiful seaside resort of Alvor, or the Aparthotel Monica Isabel Beach Club in sunny Albufeira, which has a prime spot on the beach as well as a gym, Jacuzzi and kids’ club. Perfect for a bargain break!