Most Visited Musicals and Plays at the West End

Box Office theater tickets are available for plays all over the country. From checking out the latest Shakespearean play to scripts from a brand new writer, there is a lot to offer. Plays can feature some well-known actors from television, film and more.

• We will Rock you – Ben Elton and Queen bring this musical to life set in the future where rock music is not allowed. It is up to Queens Bohemian Rhapsody Galileo to save the world.

• Thriller_Live – A tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson five. In London’s West End this has gained great reputation after three tours celebrating the King of Pop’s career and awesome music.

• The Lion King – Bringing the Disney film to the stage. The music is evocative and follows African rhythms to go along with a great story. The background is set to look and feel like the Serengeti.

• Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music tells the story of a phantom terrorizing Paris over the love of a woman.

• Billy Elliot – The story of a boy falling in love with the ballet and wants to prove people wrong about men and the ballet.

• Stomp – High energetic dance routines and believe it or not paint cans are the star. There are new routines, tap dancing and percussion bringing you hours of enjoyment.

• Shrek the Musical – Shrek and his side kick donkey set off to rescue Princess Fiona from the dragon and go through many adventures together.

• Les Miserables – This play has always been a sensation played in over 42 countries and in 21 different languages. Where ever it plays it breaks box office records.

• Wicked – The witches need the spotlight too. Wicked describes how the good and bad witch came to be in the untold prequel to the story of Wizard of Oz.

• Rock of Ages – A celebration of classic 1980’s rock music. It takes you back to a time when rock was cool. The same look and feel with fashion, costumes, etc., accompanied with a captivating story.

For hundreds of years the theater has been around bringing joy to everyone. Check out your local theaters to find out more about Box office theatre tickets and get to know some of the most popular and enjoyable plays and show timings. There are many specials that can be found online and at the theaters.