Updating Your Wardrobe On A Budget

As the summer is now behind us, it is time to put away our sandals and shorts and embrace warmer, more seasonal styles. Rather than letting this become a drain, it is possible to find ways in which to save money whilst also having fun giving our wardrobe a make-over and embracing autumnal and winter trends. To do this, the first thing to do is to make a plan and stick by it. Here are a few tips which will ultimately save you money in the long term.

Make The Most Of Clothes You Have :

Many of us will find ourselves in a perpetual cycle of wearing the same few items of clothing and, once they have been washed, returning them to the front of our wardrobes and ready to be worn again. In doing so we forget about large amounts of other clothes we have available to us and, in doing so, makes it seem like we have far fewer items than is actually the case. To combat this, a good plan would be to make an inventory of all the clothes you have and to make a note of what you wear and also the items that never get worn. Taking stock of what is in your wardrobe also means that you will be aware of all seasonally suitable items you have – oftentimes it is surprising just how many great clothes are available that have been ignored for three seasons and, staying on top of this, can help cut down seemingly necessary spending.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Clothes :

This tip ties in pretty closely to keeping an inventory. If you are aware of some clothing in your wardrobe but still decide not to wear it then the item is of no use to you anymore. By freeing up space, it is possible to keep better track of the clothes that you will wear and, paradoxically, having less clothes can make it seem like you have more; getting rid of clutter allows a better perspective on what items are needed in a wardrobe, if any at all. If possible, when getting rid of old clothes, see if it is possible to sell them online – in doing so, you will be able to recuperate funds which you can either re-invest or keep for when they are needed. Better to have a bit more cash in your account than a big clutter in your wardrobe.

Invest In Accessories :

Many people, when trying to update their style to match the season, will make the mistake of looking for whole new outfits when it is actually much more cost effective to invest in accessories to appropriately modify looks you already have. Rather than, for example, looking to invest in a number of new thicker, warmer, winter shirts, it is possible to reduce your spending exponentially by investing in a cardigan which can be teamed with the same clothes you wore through-out the summer; by doing this, not only will you bring a new vibrancy to your look, you will also only have to invest in one new item rather than several. Similar affects can be achieved by utilising hats and scarfs, and swapping your footwear – boots instead of sandals in the cold weather can mean, when teamed with thick tights, you can still wear skirts and dresses without having to invest in a number of new trousers.

Shop Smart :

With a bit of pre-planning it is possible to buy items well in advance of when they are needed which can ultimately, save us a large amount of money. When a season has ended and shops are transitioning into their new ranges, last season’s catalogue is usually reduced exponentially to clear the way for new stock – this is the time to make a purchase!  By next summer’s clothing now and wait until the end of spring to buy your winter clothing!

Author Bio

This article has been written by Kieron Casey on behalf of Barratts Shoes Online.