Five of the Best Tips for Cutting the Cost of Your Grocery Bill

In the current economic climate everyone is trying to save money, especially on the increasingly expensive necessities such as food and energy costs. One or two of these tips may require a little initial investment if you want to save money in both of these areas, but they are well worth considering. Having zip taps installed in your kitchen for example, will save money when it comes to boiling water for your vegetables as you will get boiling water straight from the taps. Below are five of the best tips for cutting the cost of your grocery bill.

Buy Supermarket Own Brands :
One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of your grocery bill is to switch from any of the branded goods that you are currently using to a supermarket’s own brand. You may not realize it but many items are as close as possible to their branded counterparts but without the famous name. Items such as tinned foods, coffee, tea and detergents under a supermarket’s own brand are usually significantly cheaper than the known brand variety. Some items may taste a little different but the quality is virtually the same, if you buy a lot of branded goods you could save pounds on groceries over the course of a month.
Always Use a List :
Never go food shopping without a list or without eating before you go. Impulse food buys are common among people who do their shopping when they are hungry. Impulse buys can form a significant part of your grocery costs, stop them by eating first and using a list each time you shop.
Cut Spending on Take Always and Eating Out :
Most modern families need very busy lives and will settle down with a take away or eat out at their favorite restaurant or pub, cut these outings and takeouts to once a fortnight or special occasions. Many people don’t realize how much their outgoings on food are affected by these things. If you really are tired then try some of your local supermarket’s chilled, instant meals, usually much better and healthier than the frozen variety.
Change the Way You Cook :
Choosing an induction hob rather than a regular hob will save money on energy used in cooking food. When you move a pan off the hob for a little while for thickening, etc. the hob automatically switches itself off so you are not wasting energy. While both zipp taps and induction hobs involve significant outlay, you will be surprised at how much this will save you in the long run.
Use a Slow Cooker :
Buy cheaper cuts of meat, especially in the winter and cook in that slow cooker you probably have either tucked away or on the counter top doing nothing. All you need to do is put the seasoned meat, vegetables, seasoning and water into the cooker before you set off for work in the morning, set the timer and leave it. When you come home you will have a tasty and healthy meal ready to serve, this can save you time as well as money.
This post was written by James Harper on behalf of The Kitchen Appliance Centre who stock a variety of great products such as zipp taps and induction hobs.