How to Drastically Reduce your Electricity Bill ?

With electricity prices constantly on the rise there is no time better than now to learn how you can reduce your electricity bill. Many people are reluctant to try to reduce their energy bill as they think that reducing their energy bills means cutting down on their luxuries. But this is just not the case – cutting down your energy bill doesn’t mean reverting to hand washing and giving up going on your computer or game console. You only need to make a few changes to reduce your energy bill drastically, so here are the main things that you need to do.

Look For A Better Electricity Provider :

This is the first thing that you should do. When you start looking around and enquiring about other contracts you may find that the price that you have been paying per unit is much higher than other contracts. Just by changing your electricity provider alone you can reduce the cost of your electricity bill significantly.

Check For Off-Peak Times :

Many electricity providers actually offer off-peak times where the price of electricity is much lower. They don’t tend to advertise this fact much as electricity providers are in it to make money. You should ring up you current energy provider and other energy providers to see if they offer off-peak times. If they do then you should use these times to run your appliances that consume the most electricity such as washing machines and dryers.

Dryers :

As dryers have just been talked about, now is a good time to mention that when you have clothes that need to dry, if you can hang them out to dry instead of using the dryer then you should do this. You will be amazed at how much electricity you can save and if doesn’t take much effort at all.

Energy Efficiency :

When buying new appliances for your home instead of just looking at the cost and what it can do you should check how energy efficient it is. Buying more energy efficient appliances is a great compromise between lowering your electricity bill but keeping all of your luxuries at the same time.

Turn Things Off – Don’t Just Leave Them On Standby :

I am not going to convince you by stating numerous facts containing percentages and ratios. But turning things off at the plug just makes more sense than leaving things on standby. If something is still plugged in, then it is still on. Turning things off at the mains can save you so much electricity but most people don’t realise this so are missing out.

Energy Saving Light bulbs :

Changing your light bulbs is not a difficult task and doing it can save you a lot of money. Many people avoid using energy savings bulbs because when they are first switched on then are much dimmer than original light bulbs. However if you are only going into a room for a few seconds there is just no need to use the full brightness of a light bulb. If every light in your home is fitted with energy saving bulbs then just think of how much money you could be cutting from you electricity bill.

Wear A Jumper :

If your heating system runs from electricity, instead of having it switched on all the time you should just put a jumper on instead. Doing this is much more simple and extremely cost effective. You probably already have a lot of jumpers in your cupboard so why not wear them and save electricity at the same time.

These pieces of advice will help you reduce your monthly electricity bill drastically. However there are plenty other little tips that you can use to further reduce your electricity bill.

This is a guest post by David Veibl, guest writer for Poundaccess, a text loans company in the UK, with a new blog focusing on money saving and responsible finances.