The Evolution Of Leggings

Everywhere you look whether it is in the street, in the shops or on a night out there are classic leggings. They are the most popular item of clothing worn on the high street. Leggings are extremely comfortable and versatile so it’s no wonder they are as popular as they are.

Leggings have been around for an awful long time. They date back to the 13th century and were used as a practical item to keep the legs warm and to protect them from chapping and insect bites. The military used leggings in the 19th century to avert any dirt and bits getting into their shoes. They also provided their ankles with some support.

By the early 1990s leggings became an item of clothing to be worn for fashion rather than practicality. With a wide variety of colours and styles available they could be worn with almost anything. Classic leggings became so popular that they even began to outsell jeans. The 1990s however became the end of the legging fashion trend leaving them forgotten.

By the time 2005 arrived leggings were reintroduced. They made such a comeback taking everyone by surprise. To this present day leggings are still being worn by people all over the world. Leggings are made out of materials such as cotton, nylon and spandex making them very comfortable to wear. There is such a vast range of leggings on the market, offering an array of fantastic colours and patterns. You can experiment with plain and simple or loud and boisterous. There are some really cool and exciting patterns to choose from now including stripes, spots, chains, snakes, love hearts, peace signs, flowers, zigzags, skulls and Aztec. These are just a few examples of what’s on offer; the list however could go on and on.

There are different styles of leggings available for you to choose from including….

  • Classic Leggings – these are available in lots of different colours and patterns.
  • Shiny leggings – these are designed to look wet or to look like leather.
  • Jeggings – jeggings are designed to look like jeans carrying traits such as pockets, zips and colour. They create the illusion that you are wearing jeans but you have the comfort of wearing leggings.
  • Sports leggings – these are used by sports players to offer support and warmth.
  • Thermal leggings – these are used to keep the legs warm and retain body heat. They are generally worn underneath other items of clothing.

You will find that you can buy extremely cheap leggings and leggings that can be quite pricy making them available to almost anyone. Leggings are great to have as they go with almost anything. You can wear your in a very casual manner or spice them up to enjoy a night out on the town. Try teaming your leggings up with an oversized t-shirt or dress with some matching footwear. Most shoes will go with your leggings including pumps, gladiators, heels and trainers.

Leggings aren’t just being worn by women. They have become steadily more popular with men. Labelled meggings and worn with layers they seem to have set a new trend. They are very popular at the London electro scene and at fashion shows.

Classic leggings look like they are here to stay and will continue to surprise us with stunning and outrageous designs.