How to Have a Great Cruise on a Budget

How to Have a Great Cruise on a Budget

Going on a Cruise Ship can be a wonderful vacation. You get to relax while enjoying stunning views of the sea, and you get to see and do a variety of new things. However, cruises can be costly. There’s not only the cost of your accommodation and the cruise itself, but there’s also your expenses such as food, drinks, activities and excursions to pay for while you are on the cruise. All of these expenses can add up and can make you spend a great deal more than you first intended.

Book your Cruise as Late as Possible

If you wait to book your cruise and book shortly before the departure date, you can find some great deals at Many companies offer late deals, which provide cruises at discounted prices. This leaves you with more money to spend on the actual cruise itself. Be aware, however, that when booking late there won’t be as many cruises available, so you may not get the exact cruise that you wanted.

Don’t Choose the Most Expensive Room

A great way to save money is to get a room inside the cruise ship. This may not seem like a great place to stay on your cruise, but it is not really necessary to get a more expensive room. There are plenty of things for you to do and plenty of places for you to visit aboard the ship. If you think about how little time you will actually end up spending in your room, it doesn’t really matter if you have an inside cabin room.

Get Passes to Save Money

Some ships offer passes that you can purchase which can save you money on expenses. A common pass that most cruise ships offer is an unlimited soda pass. Although expenses such as soda can seem trivial, they can add up especially if you have children. You may also be able to find online coupons or deals that can save you money on things on the cruise ship.

Cruise at Quieter Times of the Year

During the high-season it is always more expensive to go on vacation and the same is true for cruises. If you want to save money when booking your cruise, try to book the cruise for the off-season.

Don’t Shop on the Cruise Ship

It can be tempting to purchase the items on offer in the many shops and stalls when onboard the cruise ship, but often these items are marked up significantly, meaning that often you are paying substantially more for an item at sea than you would for the same item on land. Wait until the ship docks and go shopping on land – you will find many better deals and save yourself some cash.

Carefully Select Activities

Cruise ships offer a wealth of activities such as kickboxing, spa treatments, and pottery making. Sometimes it can be hard to choose and you many feel like trying a variety of activities, but this can end up costing you a substantial amount, especially if you have a family who also want to take part in activities. Don’t cut out activities altogether, but rather be selective. Think about which activities you really want to do and just select a few.