Budget Traveling to your Dream Destination

Anyone and everyone wants to travel more often without having to rob the bank. You would be surprised if I told that it would be possible to go on a family trip twice a year instead of one at the same budget, right? Stop wondering how and read below to find out how you can save money by doing simple things next time…


Airline tickets- Always plan in advance and are sure to visit discount websites to look for better deals. While they may charge you a service fee, they will easily merge flight segments from various airlines to give you splendid deals.

Connecting flights- It’s obvious that connecting flights suck but spare a sec to imagine how much you would save on them. Always consider the pros and cons before doing away with the idea.

Travel light- You will definitely be charged for excess weight above the airline’s limit. Carry only what is necessary and avoid oversize bags. Stick to one bag per person. Period!

Round trip tickets- At times one way tickets are very expensive such that round trip tickets are much cheaper. I know it’s somehow weird nut just avoid the return trip.

Use the same airport on your way back, it’s always cheaper. I know when my brother spent a lot of money on his flight tickets, I told him to get enrolled in the best online colleges so he wouldn’t have to worry about the travel costs as everything would be taken care by the travel agencies once you have chosen or customized your holiday deals with Voucher Codes to reduce the burden on your budget!


Plan meals- Decide where you will eat before you go out. It’s easier to compare prices from the comfort of your boarding house and of course more sensible than hopping from one restaurant to another!

Consider cooking- Some people consider it insane but this is actually one thing that could be fun (especially because the experience is new- supermarkets, cookware).

Breakfast: Avoid hotels! Chances are that hotel breakfast is expensive and not so nice. It doesn’t cost a thing to walk into a local café. Who knows you might stumble onto a local favorite.

While renting cars:

Be specific- One way rentals are more than double the price of standard rentals, mostly if locations are in different countries.

Car rental cover- Take advantage of some insurance travel covers and credit cards that have car rental coverage. Just pay with the appropriate credit card and decline the rental company’s coverage.

Car size- You may want to consider the smallest possible car size to avoid paying for the extra gas consumed by big cars. After all, it’s all about the extra space which you don’t even need.

Traveling with kids? It’s always cheaper to carry the children’s seat.


Night flights and trains Consider night travel to save on accommodation and time especially transportation is long.

Opt for slower transportation when flying is too short. You might want to take a bus while asleep. You won’t mind it and you ending up saving lots of money.


Town next door- consider accommodation in neighboring smaller towns. They will always be cheaper.

Vacation homes- If you will be around for more than a few days, a vacation home will definitely be more preferable and cheaper compared to hotels.

These are just but a few tips to cut on your travel budget. Now, think about these and some others. See? The extra trip is more imaginable now, right?