Choosing a Cake Stand As Centerpiece For Your Party

Cake is always a good sight at parties – whether in children’s birthdays or wedding receptions. They come in different flavors that people from all ages truly love. Sadly, placing them at the center of your table can sometimes alter the theme and mood of your party. Some cake colors tend to look like they are meant for kids even though it’s an adult’s party or vice-verse. The answer is pretty obvious here – if you’re planning to use the cake as your table centerpiece, then you might as well decorate it like one. I don’t know about designing the cake itself, since I ain’t no baker or pastry chef, but I can definitely tell you how you can change the way the cake look by choosing the right plate for it. Here are some pointers on how to choose good cake stand tiers and plate stands for your centerpiece.

Type of Cake – By cake, I am not solely talking about your standard, double/triple/quad-layered cake. Cupcakes are also trending when it comes to parties, lately. They reduce clutter and eliminate the need for paper plates when it comes to birthday parties. Cupcakes are usually displayed as a centerpiece using high stands with different layers. You can easily get them from your typical gift stores, or you can make one yourself using Styrofoam, ribbons, and colored/patterned papers. Aside from cupcakes, and other standard party cakes, there are also cakes that melt easily, so make sure you pick shallow glass bowls for these.

The Size of the Cake – Some cakes are taller than others. If you’re going to put them on stands, make sure that you use higher ones for shorter cakes, and vise-versa. There is no standard height for cake stands but it shouldn’t look awkward or be in a precarious position.

The Theme for your party – Are you celebrating an occasion for kids or adults? Make sure you pick the appropriate plate or stand for your cakes based on your party’s guests. Fine-looking plates and stands are a nice choice for an adult’s party, while a more colorful option would do well for a children’s party. Pick those cake stands that look like silver and gold for a more mature and classy feel. Porcelain and glass are also a good choice if you’re looking for a more grown up feel. For more ideas check out for the different merchants for Party Supplies online.

Color – Sometimes, you can’t pick the color of your cake so you have to rely on your plate to set the color scheme. Consult your color palette for the right combination of colors – whether you’re buying the stand/plate or making one, yourself. Some colors tend to look more kid-oriented than others, so make sure you choose the colors wisely.